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Change in Itinerary

I had been sick and did not get much work done today.  I am feeling better now, but as a precaution, I will leave for my vacation for Saturday instead of tomorrow.  Here is the revised schedule:

Friday – Home (was originally Cleveland)

Saturday – Cleveland (was originally Chicago)

Sunday – Chicago (was originally somewhere in Nebraska)

Monday – Des Moines (was originally in Fort Garland, CO)

Tuesday – Des Moines (was originally in Colorado Springs, CO)

Wednesday – Saguache, CO (was originally Saguache, CO)

The reason why I decided to stay an extra day in Iowa is because candidates are already there trying to establish themselves.  I will be doing two things:  establishing myself and disestablishing themselves.

I am feeling better now than I did most of the day, but I am tired.  I will be going to bed as soon as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is over.


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