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Feel Free to Record Me in Debates

For some reason, there are incumbents who do not want to be recorded in debates.  There are even more who do not want to debate anybody who is not a Democrat nor a Republican.  I am different.  I want to be recorded in debates (as long as I know I can win the debate).    Debating is my strong point and I am willing to debate anybody.  I will debate a Republican.  I will debate a Democrat.  I will debate any third party candidate in any third party.  I will debate any independent who is not in any party.  I will even debate the guy at the local bar who knows everything about everything.  I am that confident in winning a debate.

While I am willing to be recorded in any debate, as well as anywhere on the campaign trail, there are a few places I do not wish to be recorded:

  • The bathroom – I ask that you take my word that I am no different than any other man when I am in the bathroom.
  • The bedroom – I do not wish to be videotaped if I am with any woman besides my girlfriend in the bedroom.  This is not because of any damage that a videotape could do to my campaign, but the damage it could do to the relationship with my girlfriend.
  • “Hello Kitty” Meetup Groups – While it doesn’t bother me personally, it may bother some of my fellow Meetuppers.

I am looking forward to being included in presidential debates and to be videotaped at those debates.


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