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A Different Kind of Trade

Trades are commonplace in sports. Most trades involve one or more players for one or more players. Cash is sometimes involved in these trades. There are incidents when coaches are traded. Until now, these trades involved the same sport. My trade proposal involves the first intersport trade since the Montreal Canadiens acquired Youppi from the Montreal Expos.

My trade involves trading players from two different sports.  I would trade Washing Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Sidney Crosby.  This trade benefits both teams.  The Penguins would acquire a speedy forward who can check and fight.

This video shows Nyjer Morgan’s checking ability with a catcher (who is wearing much more protection) and his ability to fight.  These skills are required in the NHL.

This video shows Sidney Crosby hitting a baseball out of PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  Crosby will be the perfect batter to protect Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn in the lineup:

This trade will help two teams in two different sports.  Some of the best decisions are those made outside the box.

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Last  Season: 54-47-1 (.529)

Best Bets:  9-12 (.429)

It’s that time of year again.  The football season kicks off tonight with a rematch of the NFC Championship Game with the perennially unretired Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings take on Drew Brees and the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

Picks in Bold Best Bets in Italics.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
9/9 8:30 ET At New Orleans -5.5 Minnesota
9/12 1:00 ET At NY Giants -6.5 Carolina
9/12 1:00 ET Miami -3 At Buffalo
9/12 1:00 ET Atlanta -2.5 At Pittsburgh
9/12 1:00 ET At Chicago -6.5 Detroit
9/12 1:00 ET At New England -4.5 Cincinnati
9/12 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay -3 Cleveland
9/12 1:00 ET At Jacksonville -2.5 Denver
9/12 1:00 ET Indianapolis -2 At Houston
9/12 1:00 ET At Tennessee -6.5 Oakland
9/12 4:15 ET Green Bay -3 At Philadelphia
9/12 4:15 ET San Francisco -3 At Seattle
9/12 4:15 ET Arizona -4 At St. Louis
9/12 8:20 ET Dallas -3.5 At Washington

Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/13 7:00 ET At NY Jets -2 Baltimore
9/13 10:15 ET San Diego -4.5 At Kansas City

Here’s hoping that Mike Shanahan can right the Redskins’ ship and that the ‘Skins return to glory!

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