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Greetings Aliens From Outer Space!

The United Nations recently announced that if aliens were to land on Earth and wish to be taken to our leader, that they should be directed to Mazlan Othman.  This is a bad idea.  Mazlan Othman is a Space Ambassador and a astrophysicist.  She is not a leader.

I would suggest to the United Nations as well as anybody who happens to encounter an alien that you bring the alien to me.  While I am not officially a leader yet, many leaders have followed in my footsteps and have borrowed portions of my campaign.

Aliens would have a difficult time finding parking near the UN and it would cost them money for parking fees.  They’d be better served coming to Northwestern New Jersey where there is plenty of parking spaceships (except for Oktoberfest, which was last weekend) and parking here is always free.

Another advantage to bringing the aliens here is that I can offer an environment that is friendly for aliens who smoke.  New York City has some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the country.  This might be offensive to an overly aggressive alien.

If you are an alien thinking of visiting, you can be assured that I only want to be Leader of the Free World.  I do not wish to be a leader of any other planet, no matter how free their inhabitants are.


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