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Another First for Ahmnodt Heare

I am not just a trendsetter when it comes to political campaigning and legislation.  It now seems that the media is following my lead concerning President Obama’s birth certificate.  I am not one of those people who has questioned where he was born.  (As far as I am concerned, he was born in Hawaii.)  I have been questioning (and continue to question) when President Obama was born.

President Obama was born on August 4, 1974.  This makes him too young to serve as President.  The Constitution states that a President has to be 35 years of age to serve as President. I was the first to suggest that he was only 34 when he took the oath of office.  World Net Daily has recently followed my lead in questioning the age of the President.

I have heard that I think things differently.  I disagree.  I think things first.

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