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There were some glitches in the theme I was using.  For some reason, it kept featuring a post called “Dug Up Doing Research”.  It was a post that suggested based on data from a election website that I could have gotten as much as 2,823 votes for President in 2008.  I had never made it a sticky, but it stuck anyway.  I even went as far as deleting and reposting the entry.  That didn’t work.

I am back to the theme I was using for the first two years of blogging.  I will be keeping an eye out for themes that WordPress keeps making.  When I find one that meets my criteria, I will use that theme.

The entry I wrote earlier today would be the feature entry if I was allowed to feature it in the old theme.

Just a thought:  By looking around, I would think that Chaos is more than a theory.  It has been proven.

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  1. Hope you find the theme you are looking for. You’re at the mercy of wp.com

    Comment by Mel | October 13, 2010

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