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Leaving it to the Pros Did Not Work

Below is a link from the Los Angeles Times.  It’s a story of the chaos that results when a porn star contracts HIV.


I have been warned by critics of “Orgies for Abstinence” to leave the orgies to the professionals because they take every precaution to make sure they get no diseases as a result of their orgies.  Apparently, that is not the case.  It seems one professional did not take every precaution.  This has caused a halt of producing pornographic films and will give me fewer choices of movies to watch.

“Orgies for Abstinence” will take the following precautions to minimize the chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases:

  • Condoms – Male participants will be encouraged to wear condoms.
  • Alcohol will be limited – It’s an orgy, not a drinking party.  Limiting alcohol will assure that arousal will only occur among the hotties.
  • Abstinence – Some want to get a jump start on abstinence by abstaining at the event.  (Not recommended.)
  • Keeping it “clean” – those with sores, blisters, warts, blemishes, acne, or tattoos of Barney the Dinosaur will not be allowed to participate.  Neither will those who smell or have bad breath.

It is not enough to leave things to professionals.  It should be left to people who know what they are doing.


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