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Anyone Can Stand Up For Principle

You’re at home or at work reading this.  You are as sick and tired of the nothingness of the two major parties as I am.  You are tired of having the Cinemafia saying what is socially acceptable behavior.  You don’t know where to turn…

As you know, I am an independent with alternative ideas to get things done.  Together we can get things done and change America.  There are things that will have to wait until I become President to accomplish.  Other things can be done now.

You can stand up to your principles and fight the Cinemafia.  Faylene Frampton has, and she’s only 11 years old.  Faylene was a cheerleader in a Nebraska elementary school.  She was kicked off the cheerleading squad because she refused to “shake her booty.”  The cheerleading coach sees nothing wrong with girls (some of whom are in the second grade) with shaking their booties and neither does the Cinemafia.

Elementary school girls are not sex objects.  Faylene knows this and stood up to corruption in the minds of children even though she is a child herself.  Being a cheerleader and rooting for your team or school is one thing.  Shaking booties and trying to arouse middle-aged balding men who live with their parents is another.

Stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t be afraid of what can happen if you do.  Be afraid of what can happen if you don’t.  Faylene Frampton stood up.  You can too.


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Endorsements – 2010

I am not running for office this year, so I have time to look at races across the country.  Unlike some other politicians, I will not mandate that those who I endorse return the favor.  They are as independent as I am and we independents do not roll like that.

Florida U.S. Senate – Charlie Crist

Maine Governor – Shawn Moody

New York Governor – Jimmy McMillan


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