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Deciphering The Election Results

There are two races that have yet to be called that will tell my chances of winning as a write-in candidate in 2012.  One race is the Colorado Governor race.  It’s not so much who will win (Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will be the next governor) as it will be if the Republican Party will be on one of the top two lines on ballots in 2012.  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo ran as a American Constitution candidate.  He shared conservative votes with Republican candidate Dan Maes, who finished a distant third.

The Colorado Senate race is still too close to call.  The Republican Ken Buck needs to win since the Republican in the governor’e race finished a distant third.  He is currently a couple thousand voted behind Democratic Senator Michael Bennet.

The race I am really keeping an eye on is Alaska.  The good news is that “write-ins” have a lead.  The presumption is that those write-ins are for Lisa Murkowski.  But since Alaska has yet to release the names of the write-in notes, it is conceivable that Alaskans wrote my name in.  They tend to do things differently up there.

NBC news is reporting that 85% of tea party candidates won their elections.  I will try to attend tea parties, but I was met with indifference with the tea party my daughter had the last time she came to visit.  I was not able to convince her stuffed bear or her dolls to vote for me.  While Patrica is enthusiastically supportive of my campaign, she will only be 9 years old in 2012.

The Republicans will control the House and the Democrats will control the Senate.  This bodes well for independents like myself.  There will be two more years of gridlock as well as six more weeks of winter.  Independents will be the key to getting the country back in the right direction.  While independents are a plurality of voters, they are most likely to cross party lines and vote for someone who is not an independent.  If independents don’t stick to their base and vote for fellow independents, gridlock can last a lot longer (or worse, we could have Republicans or Democrats running the country.)

The best news is that now that Election Day is over, there won’t be political ads for a couple months.  Sit back and enjoy.


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  1. Hickenlooper…what a name! Hahaha


    Comment by Master Kushikimi-San | November 3, 2010

  2. His name is my name, too!

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 3, 2010

  3. No political ads? I thought every post here was a political ad..haha

    Comment by Bearman | November 3, 2010

  4. I mean the ads on TV. The “Vote for me because the other candidate wets his or her bed” gets old after a while.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 3, 2010

  5. Ahmnodt – I thought Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s not-son-in-law, won the coveted governor spot of Alaska. Did I read that wrong? I only read Enquirer. I guess they predicted wrong.

    Comment by Vodka and Ground Beef | November 3, 2010

  6. Vodka, Levi Johnston wanted to run for mayor of Wasillia (the town Sarah Palin was mayor of).
    He did manage to leave a message to the Palins who he will vote for in 2012: https://ahmnodtheare.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/ahmnodt.jpg

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 3, 2010

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