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Fall Back!

Orginally posted October 31, 2009

Tonight is the night that Americans in 48 out of 50 states will set their clocks back one hour.  This is a bad day to have a bunch of digital clocks as one has to “go ahead” 23 hours so the clock will show one hour back.  This can leave to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It also means that it will get dark an hour earlier tomorrow.

My plan for Daylight Saving Time is simple.  Set the clock ahead five hours in March and never go back and forth again.  This will minimize the lights used in the home as it will never get dark before 9:30PM in the winter and will stay light out until well past midnight during the summer months.  While lights will be needed when one wakes up, they will only be needed until people go to school or work.  They can turn the lights off before leaving, knowing it will still be light out when returning from work.

If we really wanted to save daylight, we should be saving a lot of it all the time and not just an hour of it during the spring and summer.

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