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I was tagged in a note on Facebook the other day.  The note stated that I had to tell 100 true statements about myself even though there were only 98 questions to answer. (Questions 28 and 100 were omitted in the original note.)  I don’t always do these notes that asks questions about me.  I danced around the questions about movies because it’s been a long time since I have watched a movie.  (Cinemafia boycott, etc.)

Below are the questions and answers:

1. Real Name – Ahmnodt F. N. Heare

2. Nicknames – Fido, Sajak

3. Sign – Cancer (Though I am not a malignant growth)

4 – Sex: It’s been a while.

5. Work – Owner – “Heare for You Marketing”

6. Fav Stores:  Wal-Mart and Tiffany’s

7. Favorite flower: Poppy

8. Symbol: The one that used to be Prince’s name.

9. Elementary School – William H. Taft Elementary

10. Middle School – L. C. Browning Junior-Senior High

11. College – St. Thomas Francis University (GO STFU!)

12. Health freak? – More like a junk freak.

13. Goes to the gym frequently? – When I can, usually 2-3 times a year.

14. Have a crush on someone? –Vanna White!

15. Eat or drink? -I have been known to do both.

16. Pepsi or Coke? – Coke (but not cocaine)

17. take or save a life? – Save it

18. Ever been on an airplane? – I fly when campaigning out-of-state.

19. Ever done something you regret? Only this survey.

20. Ever cooked? I cook all the time.

21. Hobbies – blogging, running for President, Wheel of Fortune

22. Love – A touchy subject. (Get it?  Touchy)

23. Hates- The Cinemafia

24. First best friend(s): Eric

25. First award: “Good Penmanship Award” – Third Grade

26. First crush: Vanna White!

27. First word:  Mama

29. Last person you talked to in person: One of my clients

30. Last person you texted: Same client

31. Last person you watched a movie with: My ex-fiancée six years ago.  (Before  I discovered the evil of the Cinemafia)

32. Last food you ate: Chicken Marsala over Trix.

33. Last movie you watched: Shrek

34. Last song you listen to:”A Little Respect” by Erasure

35. Last thing you bought: My mother’s Christmas present.

36. Last person you hugged: My mother


37. food: Chicken

38. Drinks: old-fashioned lemonade

39. Bottoms: Docker’s

40. Flower: Rose

41. Animal: Murray the Wonder Dog!

42. Colors: red, white, and blue

43. Movies: Boycotting until further notice

44. Subjects: Wheel of Fortune, Washington Redskins and Capitals, Hello Kitty


(Put an X in the brackets if yes)

45.[x] fell in love with someone.

46. [X] celebrated Halloween.

47. [x] had your heart broken…

48. [] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.

49. [] had someone question my sexual orientation.

51. [ ] got pregnant.

52. [ ] had an abortion.

53. [] did something I regret.

54. [] broke a promise.

55. [x] hid a secret.

56. [] pretended to be happy.

57. [x] met someone who changed your life.

58. [x] pretended to be sick.

59. [X] left the country.

60. [] tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it.

61. [x] cried over the silliest thing.

62. [x] ran a mile.

63. [x] went to the beach with your best friend.

64. [] got into an argument with your friends.

65. [] hated someone.

66. [x] stayed single for 2 years.


67. Eating: Nope

68. Drinking: Water

69. Listening: “WPIX News at 10”

70. Sitting/Laying: Sitting.

71. Plans for today: watch the news then bed

72. Waiting: Nope


73. Want kids? One is enough for now.

74. Want to get married? Not really, but stranger things have happened.

75. Career: Self-employed

76. Lips or eyes: eyes

77. Shorter or taller: Taller

78. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous.

79. sex or intimacy: Both would be nice.

80. cheat or stay faithful: I cheated once and would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the meddling kids!

81. Hook-up or relationship: relationship

82. Looks or personality:  A bit of both.


83. Lost glasses/contacts: yes

84. Snuck out of a house: Yes.

85. Held a gun/knife for self defense: no

86. ever killed someone? No.

87. Broken someone’s heart: Yes.  😦

88. Been in love: Yes

89. Cried when someone died: Yes.


90. Yourself: yes

91. Miracles: yes

92. Love at first sight: Yes

93. Heaven: yes

94. Santa Claus: yes.

95. Sex on the first date: and the second date and the third date…

96. Kiss on the first date: Yes.


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Vanna White!

98. Do you know who your real friends are; Yes

99. Do you believe in God: Yes

100. Post as 100 truth? Yes.

Since questions 28 and 50 were omitted, If you have a question 28 (General Question) or 50 (Have You Ever), then you can ask me those questions.  If you are a blogger who is looking for something to write, consider yourself tagged.  You can take this quiz and post the link to your answer in the comments section.

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  1. I feel like I know you so much better now. According to my last Famous Interview I think you are on Santa’s good list! 🙂

    Comment by Mel | December 6, 2010

  2. Santa is da MAN!

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 6, 2010

  3. #28-Favourite position?
    #50-Have you ever snuck into an adult movie?

    Comment by yellowcat | December 7, 2010

  4. #28 – Fetal.
    #50 – I have never snuck into an adult movie. I paid at the ticket booth.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 7, 2010

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