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Laundromat Blues

The biggest difference between my last house the house I currently own is that the that my current house does not have a setup for a washer and dryer (nor do I have the room for one.)  This means I do my laundry at the local laundromat.  The laundromat is in the middle of nowhere and the nearest bar is a mile past the police station.

The washers and dryers are quite old.  The only new parts of the machines are the mechanisms that collect money.  Most of the washing machines either do not have water coming out or do not spin.  A good portion of the dryers have no heat.

The people who frequent the laundromat leave much to be desired.  I am not just saying that because none of the patrons voted for me in 2008.  Not only were not any hotties, there weren’t many lukewarmies.  Even if the laundromat had a bar, I wouldn’t be approaching most of the women.  The women are closer to human than the men are.  The “groomed” men looked like they were extras in “Deliverance.”  I called the police about a creature I saw in there the last time I had to do laundry, but it turned out he is the cook at the local diner.

I combined the clothes from the machine that didn’t have a spin cycle with the clothes from the machine that didn’t have a wash cycle and threw them into dryers that didn’t have heat.  A half hour later I had wet, dirty clothes.  The clothes had to be washed by hand when I got home.  There are clothes drying all over my house.  There is clothing draped over every chair, the shower rod, the towel rack, toilet tank, entertainment unit, television, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinet.  I am hoping the clothes will be dried by tomorrow.


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  1. I hate laundromats. I don’t care if I have to fill my washing machine outside with a garden hose, I’m doing my laundry at home.

    Comment by yellowcat | December 9, 2010

  2. I would if I could. Fortunately, the underwear, socks, and shirts were able to dry. I don’t have enough room to hang everything if all of my clothes were to need drying.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 9, 2010

  3. Does your house have radiators? I have to hang my clothes up in a basement and it takes forever to dry.

    If I need something dry by tomorrow I will put the item on the radiator.

    Comment by Mel | December 9, 2010

  4. No radiators. I have heat vents. I found out the other day after building a fire in the fireplace that the fireplace isn’t real. 😦

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 9, 2010

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