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So You Want Your Child to be a Star?

I will not be blogging too much about it today because I will have a whole show dedicated to it tomorrow.  There are a few things I will mention today because people can’t wait until tomorrow to find out.

I ran for President in 2008 to make entertainment affordable.  As I researched into why entertainment is so expensive, I came across the Cinemafia,  For the longest time, I thought the Cinemafia was just an organization that wanted to make entertainment expensive.  Then I noticed the way they subliminally promoted sex amongst children.  (Ever notice that the only people who consider 12-year old children to be “adults” to be movie theaters?)  Movie theaters are ran by the Cinemafia.  They consider 12-year-olds to be adults to make more money and to satisfy their sexual appetites.   They are a demented group of people and I vow to expose them and to stop them!  (NOTE:  By “expose”, I don’t mean like a flasher in a subway.)

If your child wants to be a star, you’ll want to listen to the show Tuesday at 9:00PM Eastern so you will know what you and your child will be getting into!

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