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2011 and the Senate

This week I will be taking a look at what will be happening to Washington in 2011.  I will be looking at the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, and Federal agencies.  Today I will look at the Senate.

While the Democrats lost the House, they were barely able to hold on to the Senate.  In the rare instance that a bill is voted 50-50, America’s favorite walking blooper (Joe Biden) gets to break the tie,

The primary role of the Senate in 2011 and 2102 will be to kill every Republican bill passed by the house.  Many of the alternatives the Democrats will offer will be filibustered by Republican Senators.

My advice for the Senate is the same as it was for the House:  Instead of passing a Republican plan or a Democratic plan, pass my platform.  Not only do I have a plan that is different than either the Democrats or the Republicans, but I will let them take the credit for my ideas should they decide to pass my platform as it is.

I predict that instead of moving America forward with my platform, the Senate will play the “blame game” saying that the Republicans will not pass a bill that President Obama will vote for.


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