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Keeping Safe

My thoughts and prayers are with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and to everybody affected in the tragedy in Tuscon tragedy yesterday morning.

The tragedy in Tuscon has had me thinking.  I campaign often all over the world.  I don’t have any type of security detail when I campaign or where I work (my home).  There is no Capitol Police for me when I am working and there is no Secret Service entourage when I campaign or do my everyday activities like going shopping or the nudie bar.

There are people who wouldn’t mind if I was knocked off.  The Cinemafia comes to mind.  Now would be a good time to make sure that I (and to a lesser extent, my supporters) are protected.

Below is a partial list of action I plan on taking to assure safety for everybody:  The whole list will not be listed due to National Security concerns.  (Not really, but Barack Obama uses that line all the time and he sounds presidential when he does.)

  • No more rallies at the DMV – The DMV is notorious for having people leave disgruntled after having to take care of business there.
  • Trap Doors and Secret Tunnels – I will be giving more speeches in places that have trap doors.  The trap door will either be somewhere concealed on the open floor or somewhere where I am standing.  In cases when it’s where I am standing, it should have a hidden tunnel where I can escape.
  • Eliminating “Open-Bar Night” Rallies – I have enjoyed this even though I hadn’t always had as much to drink as my body can handle.  There will be no plans on eliminating alcohol altogether as this is also a bad idea.

I will not be campaigning this week or next as I work on plans on improving safety for me and my supporters.  I will continue to blog until someone finds out where I am blogging from.


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  1. You should always take a security detail with you to the nudie bar. Those strippers can be pretty tough.

    Comment by yellowcat | January 16, 2011

  2. Strippers historically have had a difficult time trying to conceal a gun. I could play “TSA Agent” to make sure just in case.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 17, 2011

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