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A Brief Hiatus

I will be in Washington DC for the next week or two.  My father suffered a heart attack this morning.  My mother ripped some knee ligaments in her right knee when she slipped on a patch of ice.  I would ask my brothers and sisters to help, but I am an only child.

The week will be rough as I am also busy with work.  It’s also my weekend to watch Patricia.  This will be the first time I have gotten to watch her Since before Christmas (mostly because of it always seem to snow when I was supposed to pick her up, but once because there was a “Hello Kitty” meetup in New York City and Hello Kitty herself was supposed to be there.

I won’t be blogging about politics too much, but I will be blogging little tidbits in life.  I will resume blogging about politics on a regular basis when I return home.  This will be either when my parents become healthy or have driven me nuts.

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