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Listen to Billy Ray

Before reading the rest of this post, I invite you to read this prediction I made back in October about Miley Cyrus:

Billy Ray Cyrus, once best known as being a country singer, is now best known for being Daddah Montana.  He is the father of “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus.  He recently said in a GQ interview that he regrets allowing Miley to play the role of Disney’s  “Hannah Montana.”  He is also comparing his daughter to Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole Smith.  The comparison isn’t their talent or their looks but their lifestyle.  He feels that Miley will die young due to drug abuse.

Billy Ray blames Miley’s latest behavior on her “handlers.”  Her handlers are no doubt Cinemafia confidants.  Now that Miley is an adult, they can no longer have their deviant fantasies about her so they are doing everything in their power to ruin her life.

This is why I have been boycotting all entertainment produced by the Cinemafia.  Not only have they ruined American entertainment (“Hanna Montana” wasn’t a good show), but it has ruined the lives of the entertainers who perform in Cinemafia productions.  I am strongly urging you and your loved ones to quit supporting the Cinemafia and their sponsors.


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  1. Wasn’t he in charge of who her handlers were until her 18th bday?

    Comment by Bearman | February 16, 2011

    • I don’t know who was in charge (him or Disney), but he must have known who they were and what they were doing.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 16, 2011

  2. That damn cinemafia again? Who’s next Linsay Lohan? Wait… they got her too????

    Comment by kluckmeister | February 17, 2011

    • Kluckmeister, I am thinking Hailee Steinfeld will be the next victim. She is only 13, but is primed to be the next Cinemafia victim as an Oscar nominee.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 22, 2011

  3. Did you not see the Episode where Daddah Montana takes Hannah Montana to get breast implants but then it turns out the physician is Dr. Clint Cassidy who also happens to be Daddah Montana so it ends up being a total misunderstanding and hilarity ensues?

    Groundbreaking, if you ask me.

    Comment by bschooled | February 18, 2011

    • All a misunderstanding… They’ve stolen the plotline to every “Three’s Company” episode. What would Joyce DeWitt do if she found out?

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 22, 2011

  4. Yes, but Billy Ray reaped the benefits of his underage star daughter. Now he’s crying foul. Can’t have it both ways.

    Comment by yellowcat | February 22, 2011

    • He probably squandered it all. Same thing that happened to Gary Coleman’s fortune by his parents. Miley will be lucky to be a recurring star on the next “Hollywood Squares” revival.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 22, 2011

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