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Done! Now!

I am tired of the runaround with the leak in my bathroom.  It has now been over a month and little has been done.  A plumber came last week and cut out part of my ceiling.  This moved the leak from the light fixture and the heating vent to around the toilet.  At least when it was on the light fixture and the heating vent I could put buckets under the leaks.  Now most of it lands on the floor as I do not have enough buckets to capture all of the leaks.

I went to the building management and was told that it was an issue with my upstairs neighbor and not the management.  The upstairs neighbor said I had to get in touch with his landlord.  His landlord (like reason in Washington DC) is nowhere to be found.

I went to the building management and asked for contact information of the landlord upstairs.  They said they couldn’t because of privacy issues.  I asked them to call for me, to which they said they wouldn’t.  My tiger blood boiled and I had my Charlie Sheen moment.

“Done! Now!” I barked, trying to say “Get it done now.”  She was soon talking to the landlord.  The plumber will be here later today (He’d be here sooner, but he is backed up.)

The pizza parlor had few customers when I went there to order my dinner to go.  Despite the lack of business, it took forever to get somebody to take my order.  The temptation to leave was overwhelmed by my cravings for Baked Ziti.  A woman came from the back and was texting without seeing if anybody needed help.  (She was cute, she might have been sexting.)  She started heading back to the back when I started getting angry.

“Done! Now!”

Apparently this has become my catch phrase when I need immediate attention and want immediate action.  The best part is so far, the phrase has worked.  It has become part of my vernacular.  Things need to be done now, so let’s get it done NOW!  Done! Now!


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