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Latest Poll Results

Last week I had a poll asking three questions.  The first question asked how people found my website.  The second issue dealt with issues affecting you.  The final question asked the party affiliation of the presidential candidate you plan on voting for in 2012.

Half of the people polled found my website in a way not mentioned in the poll,  For some reason, I do not have access to the “other” written in responses.  It was a three-way tie for second place between Telepathy, Link, and Search Engine.  Nobody found this site by word-of-mouth.  I encourage to yell your friends who do not have internet and computers to check out this blog.

The second question showed how different people have different things affecting their lives.  As many people were affected by Charlie Sheen as the economy and the budget.  More people cared than did people who cared about war or the Cinemafia.  (Though I think more people will care about the Cinemafia in due time.)

I am encouraged by the results of the last poll.  Nobody plans to vote for a Republican and only one person plans to vote for a Democrat (but only if I am the Democrat.)  People will vote for either an Independent or a third-party candidate.  I am guessing the third party is the Oudda-Heare Party.

I will be back on the campaign trail this weekend.  Campaign details will be announced on my new website tomorrow.


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  1. I wrote funny stuff in the other comments

    Comment by Bearman | March 22, 2011

    • I’m sorry I didn’t get to read them as PollDaddy didn’t save the “other” comments. 😦

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 22, 2011

      • in that case, i wrote absolutely hilarious stuff in the comments. you’ll have to trust me on that. 😀

        Comment by nonnie9999 | March 23, 2011

  2. damn. you didn’t get to read any of the ‘other’ or ‘additional’ comments?
    I call Shenanigans!
    Even the poll was biased. Damned media.

    Comment by Miss R | March 25, 2011

    • I am starting to think that WordPress and PollDaddy are ran by the Canadian government.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 25, 2011

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