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It Sounded So Good

Canada Government Dissolved

I saw that headline and did a snoopy dance.  The thought of Canada no longer sending spies like William Shatner, Celine Dion, and Justin Bieber to taint the Great American Entertainment Industry was almost orgasmic.  I went to surf the web to make sure what I heard was correct.  It was… but it wasn’t.

It turns out that the Parliament was dissolved.  And “dissolved” in Canadian has a different meaning than in English.  All it means is that Parliament gets to go home and that there will be elections in May.  It is conceivable that after all is said and done that Stephen Harper will still be Prime Minister.

It is also possible that Canada will elect a new majority to Parliament and they will pick a Prime Minister who appreciates American entertainment and won’t send the next Anne Murray south of their border.  It is important that Canadians choose MPs that will not send spies to the Unites to cause even more damage.

I have heard rumors that one reason why Justin Bieber was sent here was because Gary Bettman is an American spy sent to destroy the NHL and hockey in general.  I believe this not the case.  While American-based teams have won every Stanley Cup since 1994, I doubt that Bettman is a spy.  He hasn’t done anything to help my Washington Capitals win a Cup.  The NHL’s woes are more likely because Bettman is incompetent than him being a spy.

Here’s to hoping Canada has a successful election and that Canada and the United States can have a healthy relationship without spying on each other.


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  1. I’m tired of those aliens crossing the borders into this country and stealing all of our hockey jobs from good solid Americans!
    Perhaps the new parliment will do something about this atrocious situation.

    Comment by Rachael Black | March 27, 2011

    • You would figure that they would want to keep those jobs in Canada. They could collect a ton of income tax from NHL teams.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 27, 2011

  2. Very confusing headline. I also saw a similar headline about the government being dissolved and I thought, I sure hope they don’t mean dissolved in acid or something because that’s probably going too far.

    Comment by The Good Greatsby | March 27, 2011

    • I was thinking more like sugar in water. You stir the water lone enough and the sugar disappears. They did the acid thingie and they tripped.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 27, 2011

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