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Here They Come!

Just when it looked like the only challengers I was going to have to deal with in 2012 were Jimmy McMillan and Barack Obama, the “mainstream” Republicans are coming out of the woodwork.  Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have both announced that they are going to have exploratory committees to run for President.

I wonder what their committees will explore.  They both claim to be fiscal conservatives, but will they continue to call themselves that after reading this site and seeing how a real fiscal conservative runs a fiscal conservative campaign?  If they have a soul, they won’t.  But they are politicians, so they will.

Mitt Romney is a multi-millionaire who raised a ton of money for his last campaign. Despite all of the campaign’s money, the campaign still ran up over $17 million in debt. This is not fiscal conservatism.  This is the actions of someone who acting like somebody typically found in government.

There are two things that make me a real fiscal conservative:  1) I do not throw money at problems.  2) I do not borrow money (except for cigarettes, which I always pay back in a day or two.)

If you hear somebody call either Romney or Pawlenty a “fiscal conservative”, show them my record and dare them to match it.

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