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Me vs Them – Economy

Everybody has an opinion, even those who choose to run for President.  I am no different.  I have opinions on everything except for capital punishment.  Below is how other presidential candidates see how to fix the economy.  I will then explain why my plan is the best among the candidates.

Newt Gingrich – He wants to create jobs by cutting taxes.  He also wants to invest in green jobs.  I don’t see where he’s going to find the additional money to fund green jobs if he is going to cut the tax revenue needed to fund green jobs.

Ron Paul – He believes that the Federal Reserve has to quit printing money out of thin air, which devalues the dollar.   He also believes that government should get out of business.  I partially agree with the last part.  While the government should stay out of my business, it should take a closer look at my business competitors and the competitors of my marketing clients.

Jimmy McMillan – He believes the rent is too damned high.  He believes that by lowering the cost of rent, that renters will be able to spend more money in the economy.

Ahmnodt Heare – He believes that not only does government spend too much, but many businesses also spend frivolously.  By government and businesses cutting spending, they can lower prices of everything, which would give people more money to spend, save, or gamble.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.


May 18, 2011 - Posted by | Ahmnodt


  1. ah, the economy. Owned a successful retail store for 10 years. Agree with everything you stand for except for one item:
    While I’d rather rather have spent my profits on blackjack, booze and hookers in the fabulous city of Las Vegas I HAD to spend money on an employee. Otherwise I’d e forced to continue working the 14 hour days I was working for the first 5 years of opening the business.
    I wanted time off dammit. Just a day or sometimes 2 days off.
    Frivolous? Naw. This way I had time to drive to Vegas and be frivolous there.
    My favorite price is free.
    Maybe we should go back to a barter-style economy.
    An thoughts on that?

    Comment by Rachael Black | May 18, 2011

    • I would prefer a barter economy. The value of stuff is more stable in a barter economy.

      By frivolous, I mean things like mahogany desks when a plain desk would suffice. If there is anything I’d be willing to overpay, it’s employees. At least you will know who is benefiting.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | May 19, 2011

  2. Uh…how is McMilan going to cut rent? Is he going to buy all the rental property?

    Newt Gingrich is an idiot. Everything he says is stupid.

    Comment by yellowcat | May 19, 2011

  3. I’d like to rent out my basement for $2,700 a month. It’s not really finished, though. Or in New York. But I promise to put up some New York posters.

    Comment by Binky | May 19, 2011

    • When placing the ad, state “A Taste of New York” in the ad. There are NY transplants everywhere. You could be able to charge them the $2,700. Throw in a picture of the Empire State Building and a few rats and they will feel at home.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | May 22, 2011

  4. The Australian Government has just released their budget. Many cuts to important stuff like hospitals, schools, emergency services, etc yet nowhere was there any mention of cutbacks to unneccesary & wasteful spending by the Government.

    Comment by Tony McGurk | May 22, 2011

    • Politicians are notorious for having government contracts for their friends. This won’t happen if I am elected President because I don’t have any friends. 😦

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | May 22, 2011

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