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Me vs Them – Education

The more money we throw at education, the less our children are learning.  It’s not the lack of money that is killing the education.  It’s what being taught (or more specifically, what’s not being taught that is killing education.)

The Republicans and Democrats have their plans to try to improve education.  Both involve money:

Republican candidates:  They want to use vouchers.  The vouchers would be used to send children to the schools of parents’ choice.  I have yet to hear how this would cut spending though.  Some Republicans are also advocates of homeschooling.  Here is my problem with homeschooling:  Where do you hold the prom? The living room?  The dining room?  And also, how would “Senior Cut Day” work?  It is a time-honored tradition.

Democratic candidates (Obama):  He wants the rich to pay their “fair share” (whatever that means.)  Most rich people pay more taxes than you or I do already.  Critics say that they can afford to pay more taxes, but if you could afford to pay $20 for a loaf for bread when the going price is $2.49, would you pay it?  Should you pay it?

Because the more money we spend on education the dumber out children are getting, I would cut education spending.  (I would abolish it, but I don’t want the kids to be that much smarter than us.)

I would find out what our children need to suceed in life and teach that and only that.  I would get rid of many of the rules that handcuff teachers.  When we let out teachers teach, then maybe our students will learn.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.


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  1. Thank you for sticking up for the teachers! I agree and think that if we allowed students to study what they are interested in, they would learn what they needed to know about reading, writing and ‘rithmetic in the process. Oh yes, btw homeschoolers have their proms in reception halls. The cooperative usually pitches in to pay the expenses for prom, graduation, mock trial and many other interesting get-togethers.

    Comment by Carmon Thomas | May 27, 2011

    • Thank you for the information about homeschoolers. I did not know that.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | May 29, 2011

      • You’re welcome. I would like to ‘do school’ more like homeschoolers – parent involvment, community involvment & students can research/study/develop any project they desire to as long as the parents can afford it.

        I love your ‘name’. 😀

        Comment by Carmon Thomas | May 29, 2011

  2. When I was in elementary school, there was a tradition once you got to 6th grade. You got to learn about the caste system by being a member of a caste for a week. Holy smokes. Kids in freaking kindergarten were wishing their lives away so they could get to the 6th grade. It was hands on learning at its best.

    I recently read about a town getting all up in arms because a teacher did the same thing our 6th grade teacher did. WTH?! Sometimes parents need to shut their yaps and let kids and teachers do their business. Maybe the education dollars should be spent on duct tape.

    Comment by yellowcat | June 8, 2011

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