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Where Was I?

The biggest political story in years broke the other day and I did not comment on it.  I apologize for that, but after I explain why I couldn’t comment earlier, I think you will understand.

A picture was posted from Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account the other day.  (By the “Biggest” political story, I mean the story, not the contents of the photo.)  It was a picture of a man taking a picture of himself waist-down.  This picture was sent to a college woman in Oregon.

There were a couple things I had to check out before commenting:

  • Making sure the picture wasn’t me – I may or may not have taken 75 pictures of myself waist-down with 60 of those pictures showing a bulge in the underpants.
  • My Twitter account security –  I had to make sure that my account was secure enough that the only people who could access posting from my account are people with pictures and me and hotties they are following to send the pictures to.
  • Answering media inquiries – I have to make sure that I conjure up better answers than Congressman Weiner has.  The first thing I will do is answer whether a picture is me or not.  I will pull my pants down and prove it if necessary.
These things all take time.  Most of the time was dedicated to crafting up sharp answers to potential questions.  Everything is now in place should there be flattering pictures of myself posted from my Twitter account.

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