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Writing Dilemma (Follow @AhmnodtHeare)

I had recently adjusted my schedule to allow more time to write updates for this blog as well as Formulated Randomness.  A funny thing has happened to me since I found that time.  I have tapped into the power of Twitter.  It started with having my tweets read on TV (I have currently had three tweets read on TV.)

The problem is that I have been spending too much time on Twitter.  This is mostly because it is easier to tweet than to blog.  Tweets only require 140 characters (or less.)  Blogging has no requirements, but I usually try to type at least 200 words.  (Except when I am pressed for time and I can throw in some pictures.)

As convenient as Twitter is, I still need to blog.  The one thing blogging does better than tweeting is stay around.  If you are not online when I am tweeting, chances are that you will not read the tweet.  But if you’re not online as soon as I hit the “Publish” button on this blog, it’s no biggie.  The post will remain on the front page for a while.

If you see me tweeting, but you don’t see me blogging, give me a nudge on Twitter and I will blog.

Thank you for your continued support.

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