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I can no longer afford to wait for President Obama to bring change.  It is said that if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.  I will make the change myself.

I am about to change my radio show.  I have been on Blog Talk Radio since 2008.  They have recently made some changes that have made it hard to host a show to a large audience on my budget.  ($0.00)  This means I have to have my show late at night (Eastern time).

Tonight’s show will be at 9:30PM Eastern and will last no longer than 1/2 hour.  It may be a bit rough as I will be trying out a new switchboard as well as other stuff.


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  1. Good luck. $0 dollars goes along way if you know how to budget correctly 😉

    Comment by Scholar Mel | July 6, 2011

    • That is what I am working on.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | July 6, 2011

  2. How much would it take to fund you through election 2012?

    According to bankster rules, I am allowed to purchase you until then. Am willing to help. Seriously. I like your campaign platform and the alternative media deserves to be heard. You have a great alternative media outlet.

    Comment by greatd | July 10, 2011

    • I appreciate the offer, but I am not taking donations. It’s part of my pledge as a fiscal conservative not to spend money.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | July 12, 2011

  3. P.S. Am thinking as a weekly consultant until November, 2012. Would call to consult you on a periodic basis. Advise you on political issues and such. Got the cash to help, but would not expect political favors in return such as help with Lake Michigan environmental issues.

    Comment by greatd | July 10, 2011

    • I am always willing to use advise. But as I stated above, I am a fiscal conservative. I’m not raising money because I am not spending money. I am unable to pay for a political consultant. My campaign manager volunteers because he has nothing to do during the day and he figures managing a campaign looks good on his resume.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | July 12, 2011

  4. How do you make change for $0.00? Is it imaginary?

    Comment by yellowcat | July 13, 2011

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