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Why America Needs My Leadership

The debt ceiling is expected to be reached on Monday as the federal government continues to spend out of control.  Normally by now the two parties would have compromised with bad Democratic Party ideas blended with bad Republican Party ideas leaving us with a quagmire like debt ceilings.

There should be compromise.  The biggest difference between me and the professional politicians is how the compromise should take place.  Democrats want to cut military spending (or so I’m told).  Military spending can easily be cut by sending our troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Germany and Japan (and other countries that have American troops in countries that aren’t American.)  Republicans are against any tax increases (especially against those poor rich people.)  I agree with them too.

By not spending $1 billion per week to fight 100 Al-Qaeda and the Taliban (a military that never posed a threat to the United States), we won’t have to tax anybody any more than they already are.  And we won’t have to raise the debt ceiling assuming we can keep a reasonable reign on the rest of the spending. (That might be too big of an assumption because I’m not President dealing with a Congress with like-minded people.)


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