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Let’s Win a Nation!

The change made at the top won’t mean much if the foundation remains the same.  One reason why President Obama hasn’t been able to change things as much as he wanted to is because most of the Congress that was around for George W. Bush is still around today.  In order for me to have the maximum effect as President, I am going to need like minded people to run for Congress and Senate.  What I mean by like-minded people is people who think like me and not people who think like Democrats and Republicans.

There are 435 House seats and 34 Senate seats up for election in 2012.  The good news is if we win just 218 seats, we will have a majority in the House.  The bad news is that even if we win all of the Senate seats, we will still be 17 seats short.

If you are at least 25 years old, are a U.S. citizen, and don’t have a record or any skeletons in your closet, then you are cordially invited to ride my coattails and run for Congress.  (You have to be at least 30 to run for Senate.)

America wants change.  Not just change, but real change and correct change.  If we give a dollar, we should expect 4 quarters back and nothing less.  The era of being short-changed is over!

Join me as we take America from the Cinemafia and Canadians posing as entertainers.  Run for Congress or Senate and together we can win a nation!


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  1. How about if I run for Chancellor of Germany? Can this help you in any way?

    Comment by Scholar Mel | August 1, 2011

    • It would help in the G-8 and G-20 summits. I’m not so sure about the G-string summits though. I’ll let the German voters decide that.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 1, 2011

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