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The Next Debate #gopdebate

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to the next debate.  Though there hasn’t been any mentioning of the debate on the news yet, it will be held on August 23, 2011 (A week from Tuesday) in Manchester, UK.  All of the other candidates have been invited.  If you plan to attend the debate live, I should note that the rime of the debate in Manchester will be Wednesday at 1:00AM.  This is to allow Americans to see the debate live on TV.  No TV station has announced that they will air the debate yet, but I am sure someone will between now and then.

The reason why this debate will be held outside the United States is because Britons want to hear for themselves what the next leader of the Free World stands on the issues that affect them.  I also understand that the British want to know what the candidates plan to do to allow Brits to vote for the leader of the Free World.

I am looking forward to the debate and feel confident I can win the Free World over.  As the great American philosopher Pat Benetar said, “Hit me with your best shot!  Fire away!”


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