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Getting Over the Hurdle

My campaign has been sluggish for the last two months.  My tweets aren’t being read on television any more.  It’s been a while since I received an endorsement (celebrity or otherwise.)  Life had taken time away from the campaign trail (injuries, parents’ health, “Shark Week”, etc..)  It’s time to get publicity.

So far, I have sent out press releases, tweeted to media personalities, campaigned in bars, brothels, and cemeteries.  I have even gone to maternity wards and campaigned to the newborns in case I plan on running in 2032.  I have an internet presence.  Besides this blog, I am on Facebook and Twitter.  I have a podcast coming up on Friday at 11:00PM Eastern.  GooglePlus is my newest outreach.  I choose these free mediums to get the word out because the only way to get money out of politics is to vote for people who won’t put money into it.

The problem is my internet presence has been stagnant lately.  I need something to get me to the next level.  If you have any ideas, leave a suggestion in the comments section below.  I’ll try it as long as it doesn’t involve huffing kittens.


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