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Instead of spending all my time on one topic, today I will touch on a few things I am feeling.

Michele Bachmann:  She worked for the IRS as an attorney for five years.  Now she is a Tea Party favorite.  This is like the sheep inviting the wolves over for dinner.

Rick Perry:

Barack Obama: My running for President should have proved by now that I am not a Barack Obama supporter.  Leave him alone.  Let him have his vacation.  It’s not like anything was getting done when he was working.

Ron Paul:  I could relate to Ron Paul’s campaign.  Neither of us got much press coverage in 2008.  Ron Paul is getting more coverage now.  Hopefully my campaign will soon be reaping the same benefit.

Cinemafia:  People are going to movies again.  This is sad.  I will explain in greater detail tomorrow.  (I’m still gathering dirt details.)

Newt Gingrich:  The Newtered One is campaigning in Hawaii this week.  He’ll get 1% in the Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries.  Campaigning in Hawaii away from the other candidates will all but assure he will get 2% somewhere.

Debt Ceiling:  If we had a balanced budget, we wouldn’t need a debt ceiling.

Apple trees and cow farts:  The cores of my health care and energy plans, respectively.

Don’t forget to listen to my podcast tomorrow night at 11:00PM Eastern. (8:00PM Pacific).  If you have any questions about me or my campaign and you feel comfortable asking with millions thousands a couple of people listening, feel free to call in at (347)-945-7487.


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  1. Freaking hysterical!

    Comment by yellowcat | September 4, 2011

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