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Heading to DC

Between yesterday’s earthquake and this weekend’s anticipated arrival of Hurricane Irene, I will be spending the rest of the week at my parents’ house in Washington.  Damage was minimal, but the framed picture of “Tippy the Turtle” of Art Instruction School fame that I drew for my mother for her birthday when I was a teen was damaged.  (NOTE:  The drawing in the first link is from the Art School.  My rendition is here:

The winds should not be hurricane strength as Washington is pretty far away from the ocean, but the rain will probably still be a problem.  My daughter is currently staying with my parents as her mother continues to recover from injuries in a car accident last month.

Things are pretty dead around here between the politicians being out for vacation and the earthquake closing many of the federal building and landmarks.  It’s times like this that make miss living in Washington.  The problem is that there are rare.


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