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Bad Time

The following post is a translation from English to Spammer English.  Spammer English is when an eastern European uses translation software to translate their spam from their native tongue to English.  The original post is “Bad Timing“, originally written in April, 2010.

Spammer English is the paragraphs in bold.  The original paragraph is below in italics.

One of the pitfalls of the campaign is to raise growth and to organize a popular event is that sometimes people pick the strangest times he wants to talk about it. I was atdinner in Denny with my daughter seven years, when people started asking me questions about “Orgies to abstinence.”

One of the pitfalls of having a campaign that is picking up momentum and organizing a popular event is that sometimes people pick the oddest times to want to talk about it.  I was having dinner at Denny’s with my seven-year-old daughter when people started asking me questions about “Orgies for Abstinence.”

I have come to accept that there will be situations in which people will want me and I’ll have a little less time with my daughter than I would. It is part of the territory of the U.S. president. But there are some questions that should not be around children. Not my child, no child, Gomez and Morticia Addams child.

I have come to accept that there will be situations where people will want to see me and I will have some less time with my daughter than I would like.  It is part of the territory with running for President of the United States.  But there are some questions that should not be asked around children.  Not my child, not your child, not Gomez and Morticia Addams’ child.

Seven years has no interest information: “Orgies to abstinence.” She does not need toknow what is orgy. She does not need to know what is abstinence (but it would help ifshe abstained.) She definitely does not need to see her father stumbled when askedwhat orgies and sexual abstinence.

A seven-year-old has no business knowing about “Orgies for Abstinence.”  She doesn’t need to know what an orgy is.  She doesn’t need to know what abstinence is (but it would help if she abstained.)  She definitely doesn’t need to see her father tripped up when she asks what an orgy and abstinence are.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm for thecampaign, many of direction “Orgies to abstinence.” If you have any questions, feel free to ask (silently).

I would like to thank everybody for their continued support for my campaign and the unbridled enthusiasm many have towards “Orgies for Abstinence.”  If you have any questions, feel free to ask (discreetly).

Why the rant about spam?  Because every once in a while, legitimate comments get buried in the spam comments.  Askimet (the software WordPress uses to filter out spam) normally does a very good job of filtering out spam while letting legitimate comments be posted.  Once in a while (about 1 in 2000 comments), either a legitimate comment is found in the spam pile or a spam comment is found posted.

I try to read every comment in the spam pile before deleting it.  People have questions they want answered.  Some people are critical of me and my campaign.  These voices need to be heard.  Gibberish comments for Viagra or credit scores do not.


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  1. Which is better? Orgies to Abstinence or Orgies for Abstinence?

    Comment by Scholar Mel | August 30, 2011

    • Orgies for Abstinence is better. The problem with Orgies to Abstinence is whatever brings you to abstinence will haunt you.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 30, 2011

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