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Slight Change of Plans

Forget the first poll I posted yesterday.  I will now be able to watch both the Republican debate and President Obama’s jobs speech live and comment on both in real time.  There are a few things I was wrong about the Republican Debate:

  • The debate will be held at the Ronald Reagan Library.  The library is in southern California, not South Carolina.  At least I knew it wasn’t in Idaho.
  • The debate will be carried by MSNBC.  I had previously mentioned that it would be carried by either Fox or the Cartoon Network Both networks are watched mostly by Republicans)

The second poll from yesterday is still valid.  Instead of having you check out the page again to find the poll, I will just repost it here:

Next Wednesday – Republican Debate  (8:00PM Eastern)

Next Thursday – President Obama’s Jobs Speech (7:30PM Eastern)

Next Friday – Ahmnodt Heare’s Summarizes the Debate and Jobs Speech (11:00PM Eastern)


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  1. If you choose “other” in the poll, please write why below here and not in the poll. For some reason, I am unable to retrieve the responses on the poll.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | September 2, 2011

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