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Who On Stage Would Be My Vice President?

It is hard to pick a vice president.  I have tried in the past and ran into problems (age, arrest records, country of origin, etc.)  Out of those on stage debating, I would choose Michele Bachmann.  I would choose her because a president can never be too careful.  Sometimes a president makes decisions that are unpopular.  Michele Bachmann would be my candidate because there would be times when I would need assassination insurance.  She is best suited to be my vice-president for that reason.


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  1. Or you could choose a dog!

    Comment by rumpydog | September 25, 2011

    • Given a choice, I would choose my dog to be vice-president. The only problem is that he isn’t 35 years or older.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | September 27, 2011

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