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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Symbols in Politics

Symbols have been a part of politics for years.  They were originally used in elections so that illiterate people would know who to vote for.  Below are some political symbols used over the years.

Hammer and Sickle - Communism

This symbol was all over the place in 2008. As the result, we now have Barack Obama as president.

I have decided to have an image of my own. It is a perfect reflection of my campaign. It is simple, but gets to the point. It is refreshing. It is my initials.

AH! - Refreshing!


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  1. Need a glass of beer next to that AH!

    Comment by Bearman | October 4, 2011

    • Or maybe have the “AH!” on the beer glass.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | October 4, 2011

  2. Or maybe have a second poster where the AH! is stumbling through the streets because he drank too much beer. 🙂

    So it would read, “Ahhh, whaat are *hiccup* staring at *hiccup*”

    Comment by Scholar Mel | October 15, 2011

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