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Scaring them Away

Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has decided she will not run for President in 2012.  This announcement came one day after current governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said he will not seek the Presidency in 2012.  The reason why they have decided to drop out while the others have decided to run is simple:  Palin and Christie know me.

In this interview with Larry King in 2010, Sarah Palin tried to scare Larry King by calling me crazy.  By the time she was done talking, Larry King was ready to endorse my campaign.

Sarah Palin spoke in this attack ad.  It was filled with inaccuracies and parts were confusing.  It seemed at the end like she suggested you’d vote for me.

I do not have any videos of Chris Christie talking about me, but he has been the governor for almost two years of the state I reside in.  I don’t know what he knows about me, but it seems I am enough of a threat to keep him from running.

The other candidates and President Obama can learn a lesson from Governors Palin and Christie.  Don’t mess with the Ahmnodt.  (That’s probably not the lesson they learned, but it sounded good.)


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