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Another Debate I’m Not Invited To Tonight

I will be hosting a chat tonight on Facebook.  I will not be blogging the debate.  Tonight’s debate is hosted by the Washington Post and will be on the Bloomberg Network.  (Channel 353 on DirecTV.)

Tonight’s chat will be less about what I will do (I have done that in the past and I will do that in the future).  I will instead explain the flaws in the Republican candidates as well as President Obama.

If there is any consolation in not being invited to tonight’s debate, it’s that President Obama wasn’t invited to debate either.  I would like to console the President as a fellow jilted uninvited candidate to a root beer summit.  (I would invite him to a beer summit, but I no longer drink.)

Tonight’s chat will be on Facebook.  You don’t have to be a friend or a fan to join in the chat, but you will need a Facebook account.  Below is the link:


I will be in the chat room at 7:45 for a meet-and-greet with anybody who has questions or just wants to say, “Hi.”

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