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Ahmnodtaphobia (n) – the fear of losing an election to an independent candidate with no campaign money or party support.

I have to admit I never heard this term until yesterday.  A supporter in Iowa said she first coined it last year as she blurted it out during an argument with an Obama supporter.  Like many other supporters, she is tired of supporters of “mainstream” candidates saying that independents do not have a chance in elections.

It seems Ahmnodtaphobia is not limited to independent candidates.  It was alive and well in Saturday night’s GOP debate.  Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul’s campaigns noted that they received fewer questions and less time overall than the other candidates.  Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson wasn’t even invited to the debate despite meeting the poll criteria.

Ahmnodtaphobia was rampant in 2008 as I was not invited to any debates.  I am not sure if not being invited to debate with Republicans is because they only invite Republicans or if they are genuinely afraid I would outshine them in debates.  I am not sure how much I could outshine them considering the Republican candidates.  It’s hard to flap a plastic robot like Mitt Romney.  It’s also difficult to get someone like Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann to stumble if their opportunities to flub are minimal.  And it’s impossible to get Gary Johnson flustered if he doesn’t even get to debate.

Plastic robots like Barack Obama (blue) and Mitt Romney (red) get more questions in debates than other candidates.

A system has to be developed in which all voices can be heard.  The current system isn’t working.  All we are hearing are the same ideas that haven’t worked when other people tried it.  If you know someone who is Ahmnodtaphobic, kindly tell them to seek help immediately.


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  1. ahmnodt, you’re missing an opportunity. tell people that you’re a rethuglican, and you’re not mitt romney. that’s all you have to do to be at the top of the polls.

    Comment by nonnie9999 | November 15, 2011

    • The way Romney flip-flops, I think he has been using the “I’m not Mitt Romney” strategy.

      The problem I have that by saying “I’m not Mitt Romney” is that people might confuse that with “Ahmnodt Mitt Romney” and vote for him thinking they were voting for me.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 15, 2011

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