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Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue

This puzzle is supposed to say "Occupy Wall Street." But occupying Wall Street is puzzling when the laws are written on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I support free speech.  That being said, I have a problem with Occupy Wall Street.  It’s not so much that Wall Street is being occupied as it is that the wrong street is being occupied.  We should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wall Street does not write laws.  They only buy people to write laws for them.  The people who write the laws that benefit Wall Street more than Main Street work on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.  They are the ones that Wall Street buys through “lobbying”, which is not to be confused with bribery (when you or I do the same thing.)

It was Congress and the Presidents (present and former) who have allowed money to get involved in politics.  It was them who allowed  banks to get the power and money they must enjoy.  Wall Street won’t change things just because we want them to change things.

Washington is currently talking about cutting the budget.  While I agree the budget is too big, it’s where the cuts are going to take place that concerns me.  The budget cuts are going to go towards social programs, but not administration of government (which is the largest cost of government.)  There are no plans to check into why it costs so much to run a government office.

Pennsylvania Avenue is pretty long.  We will need a lot of people to occupy it.  Together we can right this country.


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  1. When Hugo Chavez has a better favorable rating in the US than Congress…then you know you have an issue.

    Comment by bearmancartoon | November 17, 2011

    • Fortunately Chavez wasn’t born in the US (Not that I have seen his birth certificate), There are enough people running for President who are more popular than Congress.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 18, 2011

  2. You’ve said it all Ahmnodt. Particularly the lobbyiest ha ha I own you now! comment.

    To bearman my friend…. there are a lot a lot of people running for president who are more popular than Jeffrey Dahmer. . Which reminds me; I’m fucking hungry.
    Oh, and Satan Bless America!
    Okay scratch that last part. am an atheist. Who the heck can I swear to or curse? Besides the leechy and soul sucking ex-husbands I mean.
    Coincidence? I think not.

    Comment by Rachael Black | November 22, 2011

    • You can swear to me. “Ahmnodt Swearing” is win-win. You win because you have someone to swear to. The others win because they hear, “I’m not swearing” and they won’t give you grief for swearing.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 22, 2011

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