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Mitt Romney Reads My Blog!

Copyright restrictions prohibit me from posting the actual video where Mitt Romney mentions my policy about Canada, but it’s almost verbatim.  I can post the link and here it is!

Chances are that if you are a voting American and are planning to vote for someone other than me, then you will vote for a candidate who has stolen at least a portion of either my platform or my campaign strategy.  (Or in the case of Sarah Palin in 2008, my mishap.)

Voting for another candidate is like getting a lithograph of Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” when you can get the original for the same price.  It gets frustrating when I come up with innovative policy and original campaigning ideas only to have those ideas hijacked by opportunists time and time again.

This blog serves the following purposes:

  • To keep supporters informed on the latest campaign news and happenings.
  • To allow newcomers to find out what I am all about.
  • To give people who know nothing about American politics enough information so that they know what they are talking about at family functions.
  • Something to read while downloading porno movies.

If Americans really wanted a copy, they would be voting the CEO of Xerox for President.  Americans want the original.  Americans don’t want to hope whoever they elect can get a  hold of me in moments of crisis.  Ameircans want Ahmnodt Heare for President.


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