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2011 – The Debacle (October-December)


Not much happened in October as I was recovering from my campaign hiatus.

November:  My prediction that Justin Bieber is a Canadian spy was proven to be correct.  I went on to discuss his mission in the United States.  I explained the politics of the media and of food.  I explained the life of the citizen and how I plan to help (as I am also a citizen).

December:  One learning experience after another.  I learned not to wash the toaster in the bathtub while it is plugged in.  Another lesson was that I don’t always express myself clearly enough.  I also exposed more dirt on the Cinemafia.  Trial and error sessions with my new video show.


Tomorrow I will make my predictions for 2012.


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  1. It’s because of you that from now on I’m no longer a belieber in Bieber.

    What’s the deal with the plugged-in toaster? Did it not reach the tub?

    Comment by bschooled | January 3, 2012

    • It reached the tub and started sparking, shorting the toaster. It doesn’t work anymore. 😦

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 3, 2012

  2. I personally clean the toaster by leaving it plugged in and scraping those old toast crumbs out with a fork. But that’s just me.
    Looking forward to your prognostications for the coming year!

    Comment by Rachael Black | January 4, 2012

    • Thank you for the cleaning out the toaster tip. I’ll have to try that with this new toaster.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 5, 2012

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