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Safe and Sound

If you watched the news today, you might have heard about a nudie bar in New Jersey that was robbed by armed robbers and had taken the girls working there as hostages.  I was not at the bar at that time.  I would have posted this sooner, but I was at a different nudie bar and just heard about this now.

Nick the club manager was pistol-whipped but is now doing fine.  I haven’t heard about the hostages or the robbers, but will update when I hear something.

I will have to use some discretion when going to nudie bars in the future.  Security will be a priority, especially in the bars where the girls aren’t that hot.

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Brief Summary

I will be returning home from my working / medical testing / campaigning / vacation trip after the “Cinco de Abril” festival here in the Catskills.  Below is a summary of my time here:

Sunday – The “Spring Parade” was an April Fool’s joke that was pulled on me.

Monday – Tests (I will find out the results next Monday)

Tuesday – Work (I have to make a living – imagine that.)

Wednesday – Short work day and played hooky (It was a gorgeous day)

Thursday – “Cinco de Abril” – and return home.

Friday – Short work day and Good Friday. (I never understood why the Friday before Easter is called “Good Friday.”  It was the day Jesus was killed.  Besides, the worst Friday is better than the best Monday.)

I may add an entry tonight if anything pops in my head.  I wouldn’t count on it though. (But you never know.)

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