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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Campaign Statement Tonight

I will be speaking tonight live at 8:30PM Eastern.  You can watch the statement here LIVE!  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ahmnodtheare

I’m off to vote for myself and then sit and wait for the results.

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  1. We’ve updated our post http://winliberty.com/blog/?p=178 and I’m sure America is eager to learn the latest from Ahmnodt, if he can get the sound working this time and if Vermin Supreme doesn’t cut the wires to whatever dingy hellhole Ahmnodt has succeeded in renting in that corrupt Soprano land he calls home.

    Comment by John P Slevin | June 5, 2012

  2. Sounds a lot better than speaking dead!

    Comment by Marc Phillippe Babineau | June 5, 2012

    • The only thing I can say dead is “Umm… Brains”

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 5, 2012

  3. Don’t ignore the Zombie vote. That’s what can put Ahmnodt over the top.

    Comment by John P Slevin | June 5, 2012

    • My fear with the zombie vote is the police are starting to arrest them. 😦

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 5, 2012

      • Ahmnodt, this is true, there will be casualties, but who better to absorb those blows?

        And our friends in Hollywood already have proven, there always will be more Zombies.

        You cannot lose unless you rile them personally. Stick to the high road.

        Comment by John P. Slevin | June 5, 2012

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