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My Economic Policy

In the past I have talked about how I would create jobs.  Creating jobs won’t mean much without a sound economic vision because companies won’t make the money they need to maintain employment.

I will try to lay out my banking and finance strategy without boring you to tears.  This won’t be easy because thinking about bores me to tears.  But once the plan is implemented, you will be pleased with how things are going to go.

My banking plan will simply banking, remove or lower many banking fees, and make loans more readily available while allowing banks to make money.  I would eliminate checking and saving fees and lower cash advances from ATM machines to $1.00  per transaction.  Banks would make their money from interest-free loans from the Federal Reserve once the government takes it over (more on this in a minute) and by increasing the limit on interest rate on homes and automobiles.

The Constitution states that Congress is supposed to be in charge of minting monies.  Therefore, the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional.  I also believe that the government is better suited to print money out of thin air than any private institution like the Federal Reserve.

My plan will allow banks to make more money, allow people to keep more of their own money so they can spend it on stuff and keep stores open and able to keep employees.

I apologize if you were bored but you will be excited when you have more money to spend.  This is one reason why I am running for President.  I also want more money to spend.

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  1. All this exists currently, without any need for legislation. The financial institutions that provide such services are called credit unions. Credit unions are owned by the people who use them for deposits and loans. While many credit unions require a specialized classification to join (such as being in a particular line of work or belonging to a particular organization or club), many are fairly general to a particular geographic organization.

    As they are user-owned and directed, they have no reason to charge ridiculous fees or provide bad service (unless you are a masochist — in which case you can create a “self-abuse” credit union to meet your need for low fee suffering).

    Comment by modestypress | June 7, 2012

    • There are two problems with credit unions. The first is they aren’t everywhere like banks are. There are none by me. The second is that there are criteria that have to be met to join a credit union. Most have to do with the type of job one does. There are credit unions for teachers, postal workers, police, military, etc. but none for the self-employed.

      Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 7, 2012

      • Sensible response and I will certainly vote for you. However, as I am a difficult person, I will make two responses. Anyone can start a credit union. I currently am involved in starting a credit union in the area where I live. The process is slow and time consuming, because they do not any scum to start a credit union (such as me, or perhaps bankers), so you have to jump through a lot of hoops. As I am 68 years old, I do not expect to see the credit union I worked on come into being while I am still alive.

        Also, a casual web search indicates there are credit unions for people who are “self-employed.” (I am assuming that is not a euphemism for “broke” and “out of work.”) For example, if you hitchhike to San Mateo California and camp out long enough on a street corner to establish residence:

        How to Join
        Membership with My Credit Union has never been easier! Anyone who lives, works or worships in San Mateo County can join and immediately receive all the benefits and services we have to offer.

        Comment by modestypress | June 8, 2012

  2. What? Huh? Did I fall asleep? 🙂

    Comment by yellowcat | June 12, 2012

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