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Get it Right

It’s been a long time since America has had a President with a positive approval rating among independents.  The last president who was popular among independents like me was Ronald Reagan.  We have had two Republican presidents and two Democratic presidents since then.  I haven’r been impressed with any of the presidents since Reagan and neither have many independents.

I have been looking at qualities that Reagan and I have that neither Clinton, Obama, nor either of the Bush Presidents have.  The most glaring trait is that Reagan and I are right-handed while the others are all left-handed.  It’s not the wing that matters in presiding over a country, it’s the hand a president uses.

Right-handed presidents bring America in the right direction.  Left-handed presidents bring us in the wrong direction.  Recent history has proven this.  You can either re-elect a left-handed president who will bring America in the same wrong direction since 1989, or you can vote for a right-handed candidate like Ahmnodt Heare, who will bring America in the right direction.


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