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Orgies for Abstinence – Election Night Special

If you think America is going to get screwed on Election night, here is a chance for you to choose who gets to screw you.  You may not get the person you chose to screw you on Election day, that’s one reason why there’s Orgies for Abstinence.

There is another purpose.  The purpose is to spread abstinence throughout the land through wild orgies.  The United States government has been able to spread peace throughout the world through bombing and wars for years.  Orgies for Abstinence is an event I created to show people that I can think like a politician.  I realize that there is more to getting elected than looking like a stud.

A rare picture of Ahmnodt Heare taken on the campaign trail.

Things are slowing down a bit and I should be resuming blogging regularly until Tuesday before I go on my next campaign trip from Wednesday through Sunday in the Cape May, NJ area.


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  1. Hilarious! 😀

    Comment by IzaakMak | July 21, 2012

  2. Lately I seldom get to pick who screws me…the pimply faced kid at Walmart trying to sell me 4 new tires when I only need 2, people who run me ragged all night and leave a 5% tip…you get the picture. I’m looking forward to Orgies for Abstience so I can pick my partner and position for a change.

    Comment by yellowcat | July 29, 2012

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