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Peace Signs for Ahmnodt

Throughout the month of August, when you make a transaction (whether it’s for filling your gas tank, buying your groceries, getting a dime bag, or loaning a friend $20), as soon as the transaction is complete, make a peace sign.

Winnie started the trend after buying a pint of ale at a pub in London.

Unlike Mitt Romney and the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, I am all about peace.  My definition of “withdrawing the troops” means ending the war and bringing the troops home.  My definition of “closing Guantanamo Bay” means withdrawing the prisoners and troops from Guantanamo Bay and bringing them home.  My definition of “is” is “3rd person singular present indicative of be.”

Another way to get the peace message out is to add the word “peace” to anything in the “memo” section of the check (account number, phone number, “for last night”, etc.”).

Why the “Peace” for everything financial?  Because for too long we have fought wars for money, gold, oil, women, and other valuables.  Ones we get rid of the connotation of money with war with peace, there will be no more need for war.


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  1. I imagine most dime bag transactions end with “peace”.

    Comment by yellowcat | August 6, 2012

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