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Welcome Cinemafia!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Cinemafia and why I have been fighting them for the last four years, here is a listing of my previous writings explaining who they are and what they do that is so offensive.  They try to act stealth, but sometimes they let their hair down.  Below is a screenshot of such an instance:

The reason why they don’t want me is simple:  I know what they are up to and I fight all that they are about.  They need to be taken down before they get to my daughter and to your children.

The reason why I am welcoming them to my site is twofold:  The first reason is because I welcome everybody to my site.  I am a welcoming kind of guy.  The second ls to let them know that I (and now, you) are on to them and they will have to change their act before I take more drastic measures.  Together we will defeat the Cinemafia and all the evil they cause.


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  1. How clever that they would search for how to get rid of you and use your own blog to figure that out. Genius. ..They need to be stopped.

    Comment by Samantha McCormick | August 7, 2012

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