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2012 in Review – January

January was a busy month for the campaign.  Debates, primaries, and caucuses dominated the month.  We learned what santorum is and hope it’s not on the carpet.  A supporter decided to come up with a definition for ahmnodt before someone from an opposing campaign did.

I learned about blowback during the New Hampshire primary.  I would have won Dixville Notch if I didn’t try to dump off Celine Dion CDs on the fine people there.  It also showed that I was once again a trendsetter in politics.

NBC had embeds for other candidates; but as part of the conspiracy to make sure I was not elected, I did not get an embed to give updates for my campaign.  The month ended with a rare correct prediction about football.

2012 came off to a good start (aside from the primaries and caucuses.)


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